This intricate nature truly is stranger than any kind of fiction know to any man
An outright ability to permit this particularly delicate roaming right hand a whole lot more than your Average Joe – incredible masterpieces kept all too mouthwateringly, mesmerisingly, in store, seems they’ve poured over a thousand-and-one times before
The colour is just all-consuming, multi-faceted by many an account, prepared to amount to damn near everything
All they do need is his utter allowance
Something or another that just will not die on up inside of him
His negligent kin truly are rather envious, terrifically trembling and courtesy of an altogether desperate and sought after need to replicate his high-art fate – these cards have been dealt and turns out to be that he is the unabashed family-man
Too little too late altogether
When the outright genius held him a rung above, undeniably apart

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