Juilliard the place, 10 a.m., 5th July the time and date
As fate would have it this 12 year-old prodigy about to step on up to the internationally acclaimed plate of prestige
He settles on down to reckon entirely upon the precious cards that he has been dealt
Closing his inexperienced eyes, he softly prises his piano right open
Fingernails barely clipped by his own father an hour ago
Then so much as presses his toes oh so very gently against the pedals
A thousand heartbeats enveloped within one room – gigantic, yet turning out to be both romantic and intimate all at once
Not one sound ’til this young boy/so suddenly becomes a man goes about setting fire to his own home-brew score
Borne out of a natural curiosity
Perfection carried aloft by utter immaculate and concentrated projection
Somehow, anyhow, he will always manage to keep the schizophrenia a secret

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