To the whole system – the generation gap is an actuality
High-octane misfired and she feels an insipid and snaking need to singularly breathe – right by these unmitigated weapons of crass destruction

Seems she’s been paramilitary eyed and awaiting the next great somebody, thirsty for more only her frozen and solidified aside brass-handled door has been fabricated from mistaken fiction

She’s been caught swigging coffee beans (beams) for coats of caffeinated armour – amore

No restoring what is inevitably unjust and cold-sober intricately laid itself out vividly before
Left derelict, negligent, lonely and wholesomely alone / prone to bouts for all out war

Seems she keeps a spider-web of circulatory deceit swarming to swim unequivocal within and haphazard beneath … her bottom drawer of destruction
Oh my, oh why … is this thing so very wanton!?

A hungry necessity carries with it a bleeding and blood-curdled need to reconfigure and inevitably, fair uncomfortably, uncontrollably see – why exactly these moments in war-locked time have been so very extraordinarily bolstered from hope

These coping mechanisms of hers – with devil wings pressed and painted etchingly, far-fetched from saintly upon – have been plagiarised, shredded, imbedded and agonisingly summarised til altogether contrary in their none too soothing divide

And a handsome and angularly misshapen, mistaken little San Diego lady’s stress-thrilled, -filled face finally fails at failing to hide from the real people she mysteriously meets
N-e-e-d-s to feel for themselves and for the very first crying time

We appear to be : out. of. her. European. league

Anointed by colour-coordinated identity and she falls right by : the sword of immaculately suggestive white-lies

This has been wholeheartedly i-n-t-e-n-t upon corrupt and gargantuanly i-n-t-e-n-s-i-f-i-e-d and we do miss the colour of her kaleidoscopic eyes

And we will only do so much as notice her piercing brilliance soon as the ghost has disappeared and removed itself from hindsight hilarious

P-e-t-r-i-f-y-i-n-g and typified : by otherworldly and unkindly