Awash with crazy multicolour, akin to, quite like, no other
Whichever season opts right this minute to place itself entirely upon us
Been meaning to dip a curious toe, to unequivocally just let ourselves know
Finally, suddenly… oh so softly
Downright enthusiastically, in fact
When to breathe, and when to take a sizeable step on back
Feed our foreign egos that little bit more, tracking everything to a rather tantalising and terrifically telling degree, this is mesmerising by many a fleeting standard, and we do indeed get to feel all of it
Meeting one another right by the famously, all too notoriously, coffee-strewn middle, twiddling our freeze-frame thumbs amidst these altogether stifling a.m.’s which tend to praise our tumultuous everything – so sudden and all kinds of enticing
Incredible flow, when you go knowing toe-to-toe
A stronghold smile – delicately twitched and stretched to the being’s every last inch – to truly set the final scene
Painted on
Two keen and tremendously piercing pairs of eyes contagiously letting themselves forever out on rent
Seemingly, at least
Smack inside all of this undeniably gregarious, tantalising and outright tempestuous scenery
A feast from within more than anything else, really

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