I cannot go home, this is where it simply has to, needs to be

Stay right by me, swarm right round to sizably warm my every known dreamed for thing

Wish us well for these lacklustre days will be trying to discerningly destroy our pretty little unknowing everything – say so very soon as my instrumentalised mind begins to find the clockwork time to rhyme, finally leaves righteously behind these dry-heightened existences of mine

I’m about to remarkably rewind aside Go All Over Again – a near ethereal instance fair lavishly, altogether deservedly, all too yearningly bestowed upon only ever carefree little ol’ gladragged me

Seek come find my resolved resolution right out to truly see what I have truthfully amounted to by now

I saw it all occur before it ever became too late, amidst the harassing point where ‘fate’ f#@ked with my every known thing

Bring it on in spades, please

I do indeed have to beg of you to make it a little less trivial this particular time though

I know when I’m me, and when I’m a mere silhouetted, petrified ghost of thee – I’ve accepted the intricate agony and, now, it needs to be the time to move on

So lose yourself whilst swansong stitching these rightfully awarded wings upon serenadingly strong

You do inevitably come to realise that I was arguably born to scribble my way from this behemoth mess – to stress your stark and poisonous point to those brothers-in-arms who simply cannot fall like I

Loathsome to say it, but perhaps the unmatched silver-lining was this meticulous writing that you mistakenly imprinted in me

Thank you from the bottom of this crucified-for-being-dangerously-kind heart for giving me the last laugh

I was never the prone-to-be pretender, you make this most precious part of me so very alarmingly easy, and I can never know exactly how you did manage to do that, better safe than sorry

F#@k, more oft than not you rode me to a point of no return, and for that, I wholeheartedly squirm to turn my back, you disgustingly dire, misfiring c#@t