Bound by all-of-nothing so much
And then they take their merry-go-mildly time

And tend to fending for themselves
Amid needing it to make no kinds of sensical sense whatsoever at all – no less vilified by the darkened exterior moon-night

There seems to undeniably lie,
an otherworldly light and it shall prosper
and shine

Til appearing to We to be, suggestively, fair simply altogether flickering
oh so goddamn unstoppable bright

Outright frighteningly sprightly…
Dance these merry-go-routine days rapturously away, please

And make to break the Earth-shatteringly deafening difference within,
whilst smiling world-wide wildly

Enthused by all of many a thing,
wherein the captor has fled – shall no longer breathlessly feed

Through the tough ‘n’ unarguably thistle-thorn tumble
Something’s been a-bubblin’ like tasteful, land-escaped crazy

This particular juggernaut stands outrageously aeronautical-your best is his next command

And it is plain to see that you all along witnessed it oh so goddamn alarmingly

Petrified aside outright drainstakingly dragged whereabout within the lesser parts of a perfectly imperfect individual

We are nestled immediately right here,
gaining the settle-some hand-grasp for lost-in-limbo thee – to inevitably meet
It right by the incorruptible middle again

Or so they promise, cross their banjaxed fingers and contemplate to say

This had been, The Whirlwind

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