When these people come together and simply breathe it all in one fast paced quip n cup of Barry’s tea per highlighted time – her eyes have been crying and there can be no real way out from under beneath but interruptingly on up

And this will no doubt about it take her to her knees because he was her devil-may-care everything – a cheeky pup with charm and charisma to steal any such scene

And they will whisper and speak and belly laugh and insurmountably recount his quick-wit ways … and say exactly why it was that he meant so very goddamn much to someone

Prepare yourself for the fight of your life, my dear, and I promise you this, that these utterly unmatched memories will twist and quake and shake your very own friendly charisma back to life

You built him from the time he was a child to a boy to a mighty fine man
And can we just mean it and say that you were the undeniable twinkle in his baby blue eyes