She took a step on back and let each of everything in – needing to see it all for its every worth
Manicured black fingernails clasped tightly aside her seriously bejewelled silver purse – SPIKE Milligan by ten, mind doing ninety
The thirst was never, ever so very insane for this perfectly peculiar burlesque beauty
See, she had a duty – no such waning about to occur, now all or nothing, about her downright ‘fashion faux-pas’ ability to wax crazed lyrical
Ladies and mental-men, I give you our particularly instrumental high-heeled wonder, – hybrid sandals/Gucci’s finest wrapped and twined sublime
Lips smacked above and beneath her pack of Serendipity tissues to a real point of no such return, earn your prince charming, disarmed and suited, ribbon-tied shoelaces booted up
Willing to play his own part, the clown if only awhile, setting apace her jovial smile
Head-to-toe perfection for all of its worth
Suggesting the right kinds of everything via each and every single all too animated speech bubble which floats fair coarse from his rather manly lips

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