Round n round everyone goes and there ain’t no stopping our alabaster minds right now

Of a dive right the soliloquy way in of a beautifully aligned and delicately curtailed evening – this has been heavenly pressed, story boarded mightily against

Our ramblesome minds, wherein we undeniably, fair notably, shall intertwine aside find the productive time

To cause these Shannon bells to freeze their cling/clang city pent-up existence,
and stop all of the clocks – Outright sprightly

Magnificently set up, right the way back up inside

where supposed college student dimwits drain their alabaster brains, via logo-thrilled craft beers desired and designed to soften the soothing soul

These people are equally creatively well pressed
Against one helluva poetic conversation, about to be convention, going on within

This is the gift and she brought the gab to all of us