Strapping individuality will come bearing fruits at tremendous pace – the rearranged time, re-configured by conscientiously correctified rhyme

This has been simply scintillating and he sees its undivided need to be extra-spectacular indeed

To feed upon all that is absurdly, abruptly unawares out there – something sordidly darkening gathers with gainful grace and gracefully gains itself from plain mundane nocturnally nothing

A vision of ecstasy?

These late, righteously silenced a.m. instances peppered in heightened rhythm

Which do mean to make to create the unabashed difference fair-game works wildly within

All of We amidst all of unashamedly, frustratingly hidden He

Seems they see a sizeable way of catching crazed flame when least suspected, outright preordained utterly unanticipated

This radiates, has to have done all along

He’s been waiting with arms wide-opened – cloaked and daggered bedraggled agonised-insane by this life-less-extraordinary

Beneficially estranged, some may whisper and silkily whistle within oneself to enviously say

Soon as the cutthroat, cluster-f**k strain wanes and it all starts to soar…
Like no-one’s business known to be

Rather parcel-strapped, about to gladly capture all of his best kept dreams – these stars appear to be mirror-imaged… emitting their best kept secrets, spangled til inescapably tantalised…

Unto eagle-eyed he

Together, this ethereal pair, they are about-to-be

… Fallen angel We

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