An encyclopaedic essence, all awhile her outer-core speaks in whipping tongues – the only lonely one who knows, though…
A binary book beneficially binded from ten-thousand conditioning compositions brings with it the absolute necessity for relaxed overambition met with constant precision… sheepishly meets with the inner-layer of uttermost abbreviation
Indeed, in previously implemented deeds… this enveloping sensation, which speaks cathartically near their sentimental – sent-him=mental – ear
Of the incandescent man-cum-reader who cannot, cannot, CAN NOT BUT
Draw themselves in yet again
Only in a none-too-illustrative manner this insistent time, but rather for it to be far more metaphorical for once
And it mother fu-uucking does hurt!
To watch her walk away
With each and every (next) last licked page, which situates her body of beatnik bones superficially inside of his villified mind. On repetitive remind/rewind = whichever way he chooses to devil-may-care painfully both argumentatively abuse.
His exceptional system-of-a-downward, ogle-eyed, superficially magnificent individual at play-, both prey-pretend
Oh, but we all do manage to matter the most to her. .. … don’t we, though? Just must know it The Most