This terrible pressure will try its damnedest and grab at your trembling arm
Pull you to another such level above, believe me when I say almost otherworldly
Sure you will fret albeit, nonetheless, get to eventually carry all of this rather boisterous regret along in a most beautiful nutshell – smile whilst quietly, rather deservedly so quelling everything else managing to rampage distastefully about this painful place
Of course a miraculous backbone begins at home
All utter hell about to break loose, your harrowing, seriously accustomed noose will finally drip ’til suddenly flailing by your stricken side, no kind of a need to hide anymore
A pensive nature all too sensibly stored on up, affably prepared to astutely rip-roar against their each and every precious will
Distilled ’til getting to tear away all of these ghastly blasted ‘Hallowe’en’ masks
Tracking it right the entire way back – refreshing to say the very least
Improper actions which will absolutely need to be sanctioned off then desperately down-sized in a manner
Getting to prise their adolescent eyes wider than these brighter than blue skies which continue to pour then soar again – mirror-imaging, immaculately representing your outright bounce-back-ability
When it all starts to arise incredibly overhead

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