Too much going on about the place, leaves me ashen-faced, ready to forsake all rhyme, well, at least for a time, take to another pursuit altogether
That’s me, unsure as ever, name’s Brian
Perhaps it is time to take a break, see what else is out there for me, wait and see if that elusive publisher comes along
Put it to the back of my mind, remain obediently strong, pray to God the left behind rhyme does manage to entice them
They finally getting to see me for what I am, a relatively ‘handsome’ stranger with only as much as a pen to call his own
Maybe I record for a while, have some craic, go about making myself and my music producer friend smile
He’ll always wonder when it is going to happen, caught him napping the other day, while recording my stuff, sick and tired at how tough a break this thing may yet turn out to be
I told him just one thing, that it will take a while
“Wait and see, my Polish friend, what will be, will be”
Then there came that broadened smile