It’s been early-doors typically bewildering, something or other fair seismically captured,
all too solidly enraptured within which just will not invaluably take to quitting outright
Frightful in a literal, of course goes without breathtakingly saying literary manner of speaking to create a borderline difference – screaming to be seen to be sizeably heard
Never-ending, devotedly dependent
When dreams do indeed touch the dangerously insatiable at first surface
and begin to make crazed kinds of soliloquy sense
Lucratively even, perhaps?
Never, ever lean in to ask… that is nothing but an added addition sidebar of a most gracious kind
No lapse, no real reason for this meanderingly folklore thing to have ever started to work first-off, been meaning to amount to an all out war atop ink-spilled procedure of only so very little as bespokely perfection-seeking his
Til outlandishly, unforgettably thrilled
To the brutally cruxified, soon to realise their very own paramount fruit-filled readership reason for simply being core
So we do know, he stored it rather concentratedly amidst the unruly pain of a peculiar lifetime
extraordinarily, upsettingly engulfed by downright mind-boggling upheaval to quite honestly breathe upright and proper
To steal your absolute everything… like we admit to bequeathe upon he, finally…
Inevitably, altogether preposterously, unanticipatedly an overall reimagined reworking to retell til the deal can be legacy-sealed within simply, artistically-inclinated beautiful We
He’s seen it all and now the time has boisterously arrived
to scribble his unnaturally driven to precision way into age-old analysis aside the unmatched forever word
Crosses these folded-to-show fingers
atop squeezed-to-bleed toes to treasure it all
He’s about to pour like never before… so We do know