This bi-polar empire that I find myself all too inclined to envelope whole just will not let me breathe
In one direction per se
My mind finding a multiplication of reasons far too infatuating altogether
Never before has someone had to try and weather so many mental storms in all of their life
The ups, the downs, oh so crazily mind-boggling all of their own intrepidly haywire accord
Prone to wanting to catch the sun in full flight, the touch more oft than not too much to bear
Where a crowd of people just will not sound out the tremendous degree of sadness that continues to go about shaping my life
Please, permit me some kind of a balancing act, a surefire track back to a better existence for all of us
Where rhyme and reason begin to make absolute sense – work in harmony, where these problematic everythings take a backseat if only for awhile – allow me to be the sole driver for all of one day
To finally feel myself smile for real

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