1) The shape of a landscape. for the heady minded to excuse and escape themselves to this prioritised place of artistic endeavour meets with unannounced echelon of melancholic hierarchy

2) These broken down, invaluable & delicious-LEE dilapidated archetypical ARCHES THAT HAVE TO HAVE (MEAN)T SOMETHING ((to someone))

3) Somewhere, though?! A thousand times OVER… … …
The coast of this (loco-EMOTIVE) ocean which comfortably submerges Us in a sense of breathtaking pedestrianisation

& for the saddest of laneway faces to be blessed with (& beneath THAT OF our amplified, TRAMPLING feet)

… .. the depressed mirror-imagined face of a PRESSED and pretty penny, against their beggars breath, which BELIEVES IN BELONGING to society Yet again

4) HenceFORTH, to abhor the underdog’s DELECTABLE UNDERBELLY is to instantaneoUSly f-a-i-l to SEE, BOTH bother to SIZEABLY seize… … … … … … … …

… a piece of our deceptively derogatory hi-STORY!! For It Is In All Of The Awe That We Feel … .. . Just sleeping a dramatic dream

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