She picked up a needle – used
All too stereotypically abused, and placed it right at the centre of her arm
One such girl fresh out of high-school
Get yourself ready to be defaced entirely
Pain of a preposterously telling kind about to rain on down
A heavy albeit utterly lagging background party somehow managing to sound right out her each and every cry
Transforming her upside down – pummeled
Amateur D.J. forever and a day – night – devoted to having his inept say
Seems we can only ever pray for this particularly adolescent electricity to wander
Somewhere… anywhere
I ponder you this, however… what if it had, in fact, all been a little or a whole lot different
A few too many angels taking it upon themselves to perch their wings rather gregariously, bolstered to her colder than cold shoulder
As opposed to one such devil heavily intent on predisposing her entirely
Disguised hard-on of a wrong kind altogether
To hell with the fire in your motherf#@king belly!
Rewind, please God… send all of these drug barons blind
So much as electrified, perhaps
Unable to ever again sell one single bag of H
Seems we can but hope…
Watch But. Do. Not. Attach. Yourself.
Finally, I beg of you this, whisper the perfect words that steal her right back
The Jack Russell died a few days ago
Believe it or not, there were tracks there too