There for all of us to see
Pity, really
Those shoes – torn and in tatters now
No doubt about it, this fine girl was utterly sounded out
In a manner of speaking, at least
A feast for the eyes that took a disastrously wrong turn for the worse
The man in question earned absolutely nothing, saw her coming right from the very beginning
Insatiable thirst in more ways than one
Beer at hand, ready to sin all over again
He plied her wirh whiskey atop a Polish beer – that God awful Tyskie
Took her down by the river, charming smiles all round, a fair degree of palpable reassurance
‘Til he dropped his belt buckle and tucked on in
Tremendous upheaval, our girl’s made-up face transforming pale
Wails aside all of those snide undertones
Then she recognised him, just a little
A flicker of car light in the dreadful distance, finally managing to recall his youngest son
The one she had dated for a while, a charming boy all of his own
But now those smiles had been thrown right into an unkempt river
Stealing everything away, never, ever to truly find its way again