The shape of the wide vivid world serenely surrounds him – whilst, all along, he’s been shrinking to the deathly death, bleeding by the cauterised ear of heavenly, heavily, bestowed betrayal

And he appears to be inexorably sorry for all that has fallen before him, ecstatic and in an oblong and decidedly instantaneous instance of singularly spectacular creativity

Cries by the red-ribbon of gilded in god-like portrayal and these tending tears have been crying for the pair of them

The black dog that lies and ties his tremendously tethered heartstrings right by their unspeakable sides – no medication but for ethereal Art this time
Together, forever…

And he suddenly, purposefully, dutifully rolls over midst sobering sleep to purport a thing of unique and miserably, miserly hidden beauty

Til that wide and wondrously circumference-d world went full-circle and got itself back together again and started to watch exactly what he had been doing – these peculiar moments in brutalised time will indeed make no immediate sense of themselves til undeniably red-ribboned and impeccably gilded in god-like gold again

Forever-and-a-day left to be crying-shamed exceptional…

Leaving it to be riotously impossible to calculate what’s mysteriously incredible