I remember when sweat poured and tears flowed
I saw a church, trembled with my wits and fell on in
Knelt for my worth
Watched other people pained by something and nothing
Rather none of these things
I sat and roared in silence, begging to be the real me
Noway religious, in fact let it be known, I joke of the place
Think it a tad pretentious and all muddled up by its own stuff
Yet I remember It and my Prolonged Pain as though t’were yesterday
My most contagious living memory
Like a veritable comedian placed in an insane asylum and forced not to breathe against his every known will – seems I’m the only one who got handed this particular script to spend my whole life attempt as I might to rewrite it
As my addle-minded crowd meander with hands dug deep inside of all of inviting pockets and fall by the inevitable wayside – to never see the real me
The pain that unimaginably acidic, when ‘irreparable’ becomes your go-to word of over-engrossed sorts

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