Smoke between a frozen lip, I went about stripping the whole damn addiction right away
One soothing, utterly longing puff at a time
‘Til an entirely different kind of fright nestled itself on up even deeper inside – caught completely unaware as per
One man, two women – waiting it out
Theirs a most unruly fate
A light, perhaps?
No, not so much
A sip of my whiskey? Just enough for three!!
Think again, dear friend…
Then, and only then, did the burly one opt upon oh so silently slipping a dire hand inside of a spare pocket
All this in painstaking slo-mo before he places his pock-marked face forward and smoothly whispers
As though he’d only ever come asking for the time
But he wasn’t, ‘course not; no such luck
“Seems. Tonight. You. Are. Mine.”