Turn over a tremendous new leaf, please
All of this appears to be contrary to popular belief

And we’ve got a shrinking, sinking feeling …

Seems you’ve been barking at the square-naked yawn of the early-a.m. dawn, don’t know quite where it came from yet, do you though …

And needless to demonstrate and markedly say, you appear to be down upon right round about your fabricated knees, freeze-framed and bewilderingly bedraggled by insanely insane

And all of these lethargically enhanced and luminously awry days which constantly carry with them undeniable, unfathomable dancing degrees of far-stretched, unfetchable luminosity are proceeding to killing you
And right by the breakneck borders of your bare-naked brilliance

A failed at manly guidance in perfectly perfected symmetry, a seemingly so natural-born, living, shrinking, sinking inability to finally see …

An intricate and interloping, loop-holed way out from under beneath this fabricated-from-non-fictional mess

Wherein inhumane dereliction breathes uneasy

All riot-worn, rip-torn hands down upon right round demonstrative desk / for that meagre little pen has been both beguiling and trustily calling

– And All Of It A Rather Unquantifiable Thing Of Deathly Mystery –

Hell-sent and rolling-to-reverse on unquenchably hot-wheels, remarkably, avidly pinpointing at your affable likeness to many a mesmeric person – the needy and bleeding, blood-thirsty comparisons appear to be all too damn obvious to us

Interspersed in wonderful wounds of open weaponry …
And terrifically teasing your unkindly kind into misshapen submission – this plagiarised, blotched and whip-smart imprisonment wherein sleeping dogs just must go to dastardly die

My oh my … only *a Good God is supposed to know exactly why
It has all of it been an unnecessary, over-strewn, mind-blowing inadequacy …

Daft by many a reckoned upon, recklessly inept reckoning
Can and shall … and when ever will this glimmering and perilously pretty penny drop comfortably atop?

– We Have To Bolster Ourselves And To Endlessly Ask –

While we watch you sit and sip away at all of your ulterior motives, only the cradled cream never arises by the beneficial top … and your narrowing fusillade eyes get to causing themselves to inevitably, invitingly crying

Til scatter-crashing like no-one’s known business, like it just must make mediocre-at-best sense of itself … irreversibly, downright barbarically entrust in the plain mundane curiosity

Derogatory by inflamed design, one of a maniacally usurped and disdainful mind

You’re turning awfully shy by now and seriously white by the circulatory salute of the contagiously creative eye – all systematic systems painstakingly, pointedly relinquished

The hurtful summarise of a lacklustre lifetime wherein insipidity uncontrollably combines, falls from sight … all kaleidoscopic entitlements set to sail

And, one of these typically jaded days so very direly soon, we can only presume to reassume to righteously reestablish ourselves and to quantifiably realise …

That we will forever fail at re-opening these starry eyes again

This was in no way fair and so very suddenly soon as fair was entirely game

And that is when you truly lost the shape of your favourite halo, so they will continue to snidely whisper …

Proudly, forcibly pushing themselves to submerge and to unanimously say

That your death-note did divulge so very cussing much – broken and steadily broached from hidden touch … stolen and forever remotely controlled by all of this unspeakable nothingness

If you must solely, softly insist upon this heart-rendering thing – then goodbye and good riddance

What could have, perhaps should have been … … your favourite dreams still whisper and scream like wildfire-d ammunition swarmed violently within

What if you were made for just one reason though?
Take our word for it … because oft than not, we take yours

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