These people are incredible
Extremely able, perhaps more so than most, in fact
How’s about we take them on a most unnatural merry-go-round
Flirtatiously so, track their every existence, permitting them some things
Pound these replicated L.A. pavements all over again, just like they promised us we could, wicker-work to the very last
Glasses of over-priced Pinot Grigio trembling right by our manicured hands
Catching all of these rather peculiar albeit nonetheless monumental, fair instrumental sands
Trust me, danger like this never hurt anyone
Drying our stop-start time right the entire way out – pure as the ring-accustomed hand that I now devotedly do touch
Rest assured, we will smile soon as we suddenly get to see that nothing can, and will, somehow finally magically manage to amount to everything in the whole wide world – in all of a fluttering heartbeat
An ungodly Hollywood peril to behold
If a little uncertain at best

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