We’ve seen things that don’t even begin to seem to make any kind of sense
In the first place
But on we will charge, nonetheless
Impressed by these tiny things – a pretty yet brunette and clandestine woman upon a bike, floral skirt only ever so far as enticingly hiked
The imagination needs to meet her half way
My eyes see everything, my mind seemingly nothing, the way I do believe it will need to always stay
Reality far greater than any kind of a tepid fiction – this mind’s eye can, and will, remain right where it likes to sit at present
On The Most Epic Fence Known To Any Man
Can you even begin to try and see exactly what it is that I mean? These eyes supposedly made for far realer things
No doubt there will forever of a day get to be a story developing – freezed and framed – on up inside of this fair manic mind
All Of The Time
No colour, no nothing, just… just
‘Til coming together quite fittingly, falling rather excitingly upon that page
And, what’s more, oh so fucking perfectly
So They Get To Say

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