They don’t see the back——->drag, that brutalising, perhaps, back-catalogue of having been… with and against it all. The grain, the artistic and oft overlooked as aDdLeD brain.

We do not seem to see just how Difficult their enticed surroundings actually were, how they unplugged their filter~system (again and again) and… “let. It. rip(!!)”

We have watched them make something out of most people’s nothing, have e-v-e-n witnessed, perhaps, their greaTEST downfall… landCrAwl

bacK. To something resembling notoriously idiosyncratic. They were .. convening inside of their aforesaid MINDS… to inevitABLY becomE deceptively fit-of-the-BRAIN indeed, it’s

A serious saving+of+time. They mixed to move to… sHaPeShiFt and iMproVe (!) just how phenomenal it r-e-a-l-l-y all was. Behind, actually, their G-R-E-A-T-E-S-T *“demise”

*the demise in this instance being OCD, as it literally tore my life apart and in ways I will never be able to explain or even understand for myself