Go on, you may as well do it
For you took my lonesome heart and seriously departed all over again
And now, as a rather embarrassing result, I no longer know which way to look anymore
For real
And this at such a tender, albeit equally telling age
You somehow, anyhow, managed to take it all
Some will say I earned it, whilst others will go so far as to say that I goddamn spurned it
But that’s okay too
Seems I have, perhaps, fallen all of your own accord
But, trust me, for I will get back on up
Ten times over
Untie myself from this crazily dangerous track of deceit
You see it, my feet reeling oh so wondrously by the very end!?
Finally, I can feel the steal all over
Yet, I do get to watch you across an oh so distant, nonetheless seemingly blessed shoulder
I may well be cold but owing to my learned nature I am all the more sorry for your very next victim
No doubt you will make the exact same early dullard and utterly replicated impression
Right before tying him on down to his own train tracks
Seriously, a nowhere near serendipitous flow coursing on through quite a few
And you, my friend, turns out to be are just one of them
Read what my striking pen can, and will, begin to write
Up all of the night, only now in a far safer way
No delaying what’s inevitable
Christ, and I remember your new man so well, very handsome and once oh so very enviable

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