What if he can somehow manage to make all of these seriously intricate things count for something quite alarming
He’s been meaning to make an utter difference, pushing himself to another such level above – entirely sweat-ridden and undoubtedly owing to this ridiculously immaculate precision he rather enviously holds within
Perchance might we ever lend him our wicker-work hands, create a pretty and sun-soaked slalom inviting him on in, one memorable smile at an altogether serendipitous time whilst he passes us by
He’s been jaw-droppingly tapestried to an insurmountable point, anointing himself incredibly able – this charming suit really should get to disarm many a man who stands before him
Rightly prepared, perfectly orchestrated, an out and out case of unbelievable demonstration ’til turning everything to what’s downright sensational
Candy-striped and just about ready to wholeheartedly wipe the opposition right out – trice as nice
Watch this scintillating race to the very top, seems nothing can stop him now

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