We stick together like a pair of plastic prairie dogs
Unable to see it any other such way
Far too heightened
Our heads may well have been flailing yet we somehow always managed to see it via one or two endeavours
Forever and an hour or ten picking these fair Rosemary Glade flowers
The power oh so very supernatural in all of an instance
Perchance, when was it exactly that we started to replicate the Titanic in all of its historically-bound glory
Disastrous albeit all too stereotypically juxtaposed quite beautifully
Pouring every which way from these wicker-work pedestrian happenings
When we sing we sing to entirely bring it all back together
Rather softly, in fact
A track on into seriously eerie happiness, all of this intrepidly, created precariously in and around an aforementioned glorified mess
Be sure to remember when to stick us back together again

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