There has to be a way
Anything will do… really
Suddenly, this utter gut-feeling that he may just need to follow overseas
Quench another such thirst
Coaxing all the more inspration on into him
It dried right up, a sudden and sensuous burp and all we ever get to see is nothing but dead air
Snared, a fire this one time failing to ignite all by itself
No such sign of a glorified blue-coloured book taking pride of place upon a shelf either
Fell on deaf ears, a good ‘n’ honest need to feed an entirely different kind of equation altogether
Whet what may just have turned out to be insatiable
Breathing new aspirations on in
Swim with those goddamn cliche dolphins, swarm with a few too many honey-suckled bees to ever count
Step on up, usurp the whole damn thing stereotypically, rather deliciously
Amount to something a little more
Go on, caress open that harrowing door, locked-tight right this minute