Pleasure filled and thrilled to have driven themselves wiLdly… ahem, mild actually, they shall

Take it all with them – every part of pure and utter actually – and bring the place to a stop start moment of

Claustrophobic momentum. If they want for any thing they will-want for utter ~~~ ~ agility with a capitalA in hindSIGHT awareness(!) “We’ve been thinking about the other people with their peppered-in-pink egos and readily-available to “GO!!” again and again.”

We did not need for anything but for
The uncertainty of a surely idiosyncratic masterpiece; who ever needed it to feel utterly BalanCEd at the BEGinning of bare knuckle ANYYYWAAAAY(… …). The

Stage is set for official bewilder and DelIriUm and she wants us to ALL crawl through an outLANDish level of automatic quicksand. And to thank her later on: “For the best advice In The {layabout}Land.” When she gave us her hand

And Thanked Us Back