We are not what you might like to call a constant source of playful enthusiasm but, rather… these hungrily artistic people of past and present and MEANT-TO-BE futuristic inTELLigence…

Concentrating with our wIlDlY expressive mINDs and our mountain atop (MAINtained!) MOUNTain of traversing thought —

Earning US a brand new and merited reputation
With Each-Of-Every-Next Brand NEW day!

We say whatEVER we MAY like to say, and we W-I-L-L endlessly divulge our SPORADICALLY ENHANCED SPONTANEITY of oft OVERbEaRiNg(!) information… …

At a preDOMINANTly playful p-a-c-e because, and THIS next SELF-promotional p(ART) NEEDS to be listened to!!

But we have ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST whatsoever AT-ALL anymore… in ACTually(it is in-fact ALL-OF-IT an A-C-T!) listening to anyone else ((bUt fOr OuRseLveS)) anyway,

Not today, maybe NOT even TOMORROW —

And probABLY, most CERTAINLY, N-O-T
… for the remainder of your dYiNg dAzE

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