I will sit, hear and steal an instance whenever – whichever way – I can
Far too possible altogether for time to take you right away – pile-drive you and your pretty lacklustre few on into the ground
Tick, Tock, Tick-Tock…
Can you not simply here the big hand – which, by the by, will always get to outshine the smaller one – coming
Running full-circle
All Round, pounding these roman numeral pavements of their very own
Which Came First Though!?
Unlike a proud ostrich who never flails beneath his own grass roots, truth is we don’t have a fucking clue on earth what it is we were ever supposed to be doing
How it may just need to be, always and a year, ten maybe, tweaking the life right from everything
‘Til getting to flick the fully cracked mirror one-eighty degrees, besieged
Transforming ourselves rather gloriously on into a very merry thing all over
Give it all that you can, these trials the perfect fodder for you and your suddenly monumental few to eventually stand taller than tall
Impress them all with your God-driven quirkiness
Tribulations extraordinaire
Your mother-nature second-to-none other, ’tis exactly what will entice these beautiful strangers – gotta love the danger, you crazy mouse!!
We’d be crumbled messes minus it
Cheese-stained sonsasbitches
Tock-Tick, Tock-Tick, do it like Benjamin Button does, who the hell seriously cares!!
Keep these hands at rather joyous bay, never dare yourself to run and escape
Let them be a part of this smile-inducing fun
The full-circle snare – a slice just as nice and sumptuous as how the old-hat advertisement always gets to go – check for yourself!!!
Soon as it says 10:10… Then, and only then, Will You Already Know

*”The 10:10 hands look “happy” due to the fact that the hands look like a smile (or like a “V” as in “victory”). The NYTimes reports that Timex used to use the time 8:20 in their product photos, but eventually decided to turn that “frown” upside-down.”

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