What he would say each ‘n’ every other night
‘Til left blue, then a shifty shade of pale in the pock marble face
A down ‘n’ out disgrace all on his very own
Prone to a drenched concoction every other half hour
Powers – 1980, namely
Unable to keep abreast, albeit, funnily enough, fully willing to stare at the young ones with their just-out-of-high school freeze-frame breasts
Whilst taking only quarter of the just-as-equally-harassed customers money so as to catch his rent
Sunny side up, if only for awhile
Never any real care for this world whatsoever
Copious high-fives followed by unaccountable father-at-a-wedding swirls out there on his makeshift dance floor
Poring, roaring on into everyone, building up enough head sores for ten come the unfixable a.m.
Then, he would begin to fall, all of his very own accord once again
Paltry, an utter letdown, second only ever to one Josephine Moloney – paraplegic, albeit capable of knockin’ ’em right back to match the best of them by the ungodly end
Namely Jack Daniels
Five fingers, rather desperately
Burn that candle oh crazy ones, keep your tonic popular whilst one town amounts to mock you silly
We all take our pills, but yours we get to see right from our window-sills

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