So, your mind has seemingly slowed the pace to a tremendous extent
There undoubtedly still a few too many pressure points that will need to be released
Come so far and now, perhaps, where you are might be just enough
Tough luck, nobody can, and will, ever get it oh so perfectly correct
Step on back… have a little or a whole lot more goddamn respect for yourself!
Shelf that all too dangerous feeling that was bound to continue to coarse on through you for awhile
And. Do. Not. Forget. To. Smile.
Remember, eighteen years in a mind-prison of sorts was never, ever your soul decision
If only they knew just how far you have somehow managed to come though
An anomaly, or so those doctors farther north do like to say
Once again, up in the ungodly a.m., very nearly forgetting to sleep – peeping Tom of a different kind entirely
Pen at hand even before you’ve had the time to neck your very first mug of caffeine – clear away these aching cobwebs
So much as stand on your own two feet
Retreat, retreat… RETREAT GODDAMNIT!!
You know full-well that you were made of far better stuff than this
Sure haven’t you just been told so much by the finest in the land
And yes, your need for reassurance is still second-to-none I may have ever seen

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