It’s not all that sad for me to say goodbye
People always think it’s sad but it’s not
Not when it comes to my OCD
For so long the God damn thing ruled the roost
Thinking about it some more it was pretty much all of me
Now as I get ready to say goodbye
Leap on into the real world
I find it rather absurd that I wasted so much time
‘Til my saviour came along
A slightly quirky guy with the strongest equipment
A good eye
Went about blasting the dread right on out of my head
Has me writing poetry, going with the flow
Even able to have a few drinks at the weekend
Feel like something of an ordinary joe
So goodbye OCD
Please do me the biggest favour in the world and leave me be
I didn’t ask for you in the first place
As I write this poem I feel a sadness land itself upon my face
But it’s the best kind of sadness because
I am oh so glad that you’ve been defeated
Beaten at your own game
A shame for you
With your tail between your legs, you’ve nobody else but yourself to blame