She’s got herself some *’Tinder thumb’ – irreversible by natural inclination

Weak at the knees to please someone

Hippy, slippy Rosemary curls – the only living, seething girl in New York City anymore

‘Til she sees someone

He’s got himself some ‘Tinder thumb’ – irreversibly insane, brain-freezing phone system

Together there has to have been a million-billion thirsty versions of the same no-one

These fixated people changing lanes at the flick of an inexpressive button – holy ghost supposes to propose to be this serious thing

That sliding-doors sensation, speaking soon as we are chosen too

Sent half-way insane by way of utterly entertaining bouts of head-shrinking recreation – retreating beguiling smiles sometimes

Stranger than fiction, this is our modern day dictional masterpiece so it seems –

The failing to arise by the widescreen lie – all eyes sizeably averted for one more time

Swipe right or left, she left herself all alone – upon the right side of wrong again…
Heavenly features wasted upon this millennial generation

Is this really *Pans hiding Labyrinth? Yes, we shudder to thing so too… gin with nettles nestled neatly inside, she is wearing herself too thin to count herself in anymore

Eyes by the floor – significantly speaking, she is a living, breathing New York City landscape all on her own
A blur full of masterful magnificence

Have to say, her prepubescent paintings are some of the greatest we’ve seen
To ‘date’.

*’Tinder Thumb’ – Localised pain resulting from overuse of the iPhone dating app Tinder, which has users swipe left or right to ‘like’ or ‘nope’ other users based on their images and short (often useless) bios. What begins as a fun, game-like experience often results in extreme hand cramps and acceptance that we all die alone.

*Pan’s Labyrinth – A method of unleashing utter violence upon another human beings face and life. The way to physically ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ someone, influenced by the actions of Captain Vidal in the movie, refers to the action of repeatedly bludgeoning someone in the face with a bottle or any liquid receptacle until death, normally accompanied by copious amounts of blood and screaming family members.