Write and grind and wind your wanderlust mind right the entire way down
Because all of it will need to appear to be utterly imaginative
Working to meticulously breathe a brand new life via these each and every next passionate
Aside seriously begging-to-be-relayed time again skyward pleas – summon predisposed wordsmiths from above
With their supposed cliché existences for negligent reassurance -they shrink to simply breathe
The least you can do is take the time to make it posthumous
‘Til weak at the pulvarised knees, please tip then pour yourself a glass of your dandiest wine and prepare to delve like peculiar crazy
The piercing and tantalising taste never so very bespoke in an age-old generation – when to dream of being merely mentioned means more than the whole of the circular globe – to explode into terrific folklore or not to cope, that is the actual Nobel Prize winning question
Just ask our boy Heaney, he’s been meaning to call a while now