This cigarette is pressed heavily against his burgeoning exterior – snail pace and he shall taste each aside every precious piece

When will they see that he has been pummelling his brain to an anointed point and comprehend his vigour atop mightily rapturous pause for thoughts – there was never any need for all of it, yet he did it no less prioritised, while his mind realigning it’s problematically invested glitch

This is all out instigated war with fast-paced words and he shall have his glory day, every other time that mind stretches itself to outlandishly interfere, he can steer it oh so fantastically wonderfully

And we have already seen something outright incomprehensible and blindingly obvious

To all but He
Until, that is… realigned reinvestment counts for goddamn everything

He’s just about ready to catch quick-fire flame and to dance hand-in-momentary-hand with his sophomore queen

She’s been waiting with legs snide open,
Pretty and perfectly promiscuous – ten times over, breathes softly amidst his freckled shoulder and smiles harder than any other woman can ever truly do again

This pen dies awhile, soon as he looks at her glacial eyes
… The pair of them begging to bounce back to life, rewrite sullenly suggestive history

When he cracked her blood-knuckled hand and walked on by

A smile painted upon his graceful face, mistakes a dime a dutiful dozen, all par for