The list of flawed poets goes on
And on…
There’s Whitman, Wordsworth
Dickinson and Dahl
Is it really worth the hassle
My writing these poems
But I shall
Not the most popular
Pursuit in the world
Heck, I’d even go as far as to say
It’s pretty unpopular
But something inside of me
That reckless thing
Makes me continue on
The ‘great’ ride
No money in it
Not unless your name’s
Even though I don’t find his poems
All that good
Funny really
Won a Nobel Peace Prize
Did Seamus
The poet laureate with
Little regret
I reckon that’s the real thing that
Made him famous
A hard one to get
Harder to not end up in a
Ball on the floor
With a whole lot of fret
Buckets of that left over regret
If one poem can get you over the line
Then go for it
Write something like ‘The Daffodil’
And all should be fine
Wordsworth wrote a hundred empty
But that poem
That one
Stands the test of time
Now that my friend
Is what you call sublime