She is a quarter of a whore only a full-on masterpiece at that – met with individually succinct animosity she breathes by the feathered weight of each & every traversing dollar sign which mesmerises her lurid aside lucrative eyeline
Speaking of which – stitches said same eye miserly by the cocaine dip of the century by ten, a nose for industry
Only, however, no real coin will pay for the unashamed weight of her each and every wet-weekend – dividends entirely paid & heavenly dependent upon superficial He-men with d**ks for fingers
That’ll be the Alpha-motherfuckin’-males with a fierce fondness for the dilapidating whisky
& they unabashedly carry with them, each and every next one of them-there imbeciles (with d**ks for fingers), failings for facial demeanours
Hidden and naturally meaning to make sense midst her lopsided body
Which prises their shyness eyes wide-open again by ten. .. … bucks venomously awaiting her fist following morning
& down
go tonight
to match their lonely emotions
All in one moment of. .. … …. ….. what was it though!!?

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