She decorated her body in a bestial and seen-to-be sense of skin-inked decimation, when, really, it was nothing but for adventure and outright infamy, for a magnificent moment to matter much more than most: and above all else, for a grandiose and deluded host of poised and persnickety, sniggering people

To furiously fail at seeing both sizably seizing.. the truest nature of her Greatest Allure

LIVING: With-in, namely, that of a spindling, wide-awake and all-conquering body of gargantuan artwork and, admittedly, equally as rampant and buoyantly rambunctious as that

Of her argumentative and bargaining both hardwired mind – set to meet itself at the instrumental middle again

Was to r-i-o-t-o-u-s-l-y both righteously reconvene, realign

Sometime so very suddenly s-o-o-n as when —- We get to bring her ballet brain to the measure of the Moon

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