Her eyes hold a serious sense of strain aside misguided paralysis soaked perilously within – and she seems to know no way forth forward

Continually frozen by all of this relentless dereliction
In a drunkard life lent itself to plain mundane battle-horn strife

The knife-edge pledge of drug-tugged allegiance

She is,
One manner or another seriously cloak ‘n’ dagger settled coquettishly within
All of torn-ragged We

And she shall stagger on no less ill-equipped, maniacally stripped aside inundated devoid
Of her truest and untainted upon dancing self

Wherein she attempts and tries like milder kinds of wildfire – to take one sudden step in front of another

Guaranteed to be gargantuan

Smothered by all of these quintessential lies, wherein petrifying paralysis flagrantly disguises itself time and time

For outright violence encumbered luckless by— a crying shame pity of one such begotten to be bestial lady
with silken snakes slithered immediately near a thankless mind

Remember when We dreamed, for such a far better existence…
Intertwined gloriously amidst, these electrifying instances lent itself delicately to her…
Unaccountably, innumerably indeed
Just. This. One. Last. Time.

And her devoted mother leans herself a little nearer… and whispers silently against a listening ear…
To tell her that it will all be alright

She’s been up all of the live-long night, burning the midnight oil, spitting within her livid mind

This particular candle knows no ending – rather accordion-esque impending

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