Their mesmerised eyes said it all really, and in slow-and-RhaPsodiC motion, in-FACT. These people are NOT actual morons but rather these.. stereoPHYSICALLY gifted.. upside-down, RIGHT-WAY W-I-S-E imbeciles who DO bleed

To feel everything; we see them, we even-very-nearly feed them, and for what they have cReAteD we cannot but—

AlTeR oUr VeRy OwN SeNsES; Tip-a-FELT-TIP-hat, THAT takes, above ALL ELSE, 2nd to NONE other merciful connections of careFREE concentration..

And these particular egos HAVE NO PLACE whatsoever within- the innerWITHIN
Of their thought-FILLED brains

They wax and they WILL wane but more than anything else, what is it that WE DO?! We stereoTypically bless YOU: with our wise old diction of

Rhythmic conditioning—.