A rendition of pulsating bliss+all of it balanced courageously against

This ceaseless sense of po-faced procrastination – of, ever-yet, a next-level+sizably succinct sense of both prominent+procedural pursuit

Of sincere-most lackadaisical-both-ill-defined elements of sanctimonious hometruth$, perhaps? Plus, as of yet – all of it preciously-both-precautiously placed as both a gentle+spontaneously circumspect reminder…
To tend+turn this idle+haphazard yet eerily unashamed paintbrush courteously toward: A daft albeit equally enthusiastic f-e-e-l-i-n-g

Of sophisticated+unofficial reverberation, pl-Ease! Albeit, although, even if all of this pale-faced and plain-sighted hitherto will continue to chaotically complain+utterly despite the fondly-felt-fact that it shall-both-can resolutely r-e-m-a-i-n —

All a-whilst snide-eyed+whispering it all at well-wisher’s will: “An extracurricular event tended+turned passionately-both-forcefully toward a scintillated sense of both punctilious+heartfelt freedom!”

Yes! She’s been ritualistically waiting – with her pretty+prestigious, oft-than-not overly intense mind mightily pre-aligned,

her time twisted+twined, k-i-n-d-l-y.

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