Losin’ n winnin’ at this estranged stranglehold aside incessantly insisting game again, God bless his cotton configured singular slippin’ socks, please – sentimentally sent til behemoth-ly fixated – fixed – narrow-eyed right by his mindlessly mind-filled everythin’, he will need for these overgeneralising freight trains to finally, forgivably, altogether some sort of other way invitingly refrain from the never-endin’ – nerve-endin’ – strain of themselves…

Shame upon the other person’s sized three ribbon-coordinated feet, pities him to see her this peculiarly placed way any more than the next great fallen pretender sent tremendously inner-wards insane by magnificent-al way of this heavenly – heavily – over-thinkin’ aptitude til lent itself rather fantastically, gently, marvellously against the pause for fought – fraught – thought cause it would sincerely be Spanish lingo ruder than derelict f/r/iction not to meet him by the romanticised middle-ground again

Don’t ya simply, sizeably think that it will need for itself to be able to finally, invitingly, altogether some sort of other way vehemently make senti-mentally fabricated sense

From here on til immediately over there, though!?
Nobody knows that her beauty shall forever follow itself where-never she goes… a bare-naked, beautifully truthful imbalance placed masterfully upon unto oneself again

Penny / thoughts, fraught, she really ought-a  … learn to turn the earned other misbehaving cheek and speak from here on in







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