I saw you coming a mile off, was running on absolute empty
‘Til you strode on in, Jimmy-Choo high-heels that peeled a hundred eyes right open
I remember it well
Girlfriends, they just can’t seem to handle that, sat in lock-jawed silence, a violent undertone
A drone in my goddamn ear, so near yet oh so far
Way back when
And now you send my mind in a spiral all over again
Firing on all cyclinders, you placed out your manicured fingers, brushed my arm
I do still wonder if you even knew
A swarm of handsome youths in hot pursuit
Suited, booted up in their Pete Docherty attire – wired to the moon, beneficially plied
I could see this from your intrepid smile alone
Laughing like never before
I continue to drink from a wary corner whilst that precious fella from off of the telly stands on up to the plate, proceeded to play a most enviable stormer
Deficates all over my fate
Always one for the centre of attention
You drew the crowd, simply sought it out
Typical clout, sex running right through it
I did indeed adore those whimsical ways, with a nature second-to-none, fun on another level
Suddenly pegged it on out the door of my favourite club, the aforementioned’s tail wagging by your side
Kid-on-Christmas-Night smile
Utterly, impressively receptive of strangers
Here’s hoping he replicates me exactly and fails to quench your thirst
Rosemary, my insatiable fucking ghost
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