Sandblasted ballerina feet
Sidebar – nonetheless prioritised – time upon Havana Brown beach
Retreat, retreat
don’t you dare ever threaten these petrified toes of only eggshell ours
These pretty, posy-filled to the statuesquely trimmed brim bendably dependable things
Never-ending pretenders – supremely devoted to which
Stitch your pedestrian eyes to this unmatched, serenely set ballet piece
Each to their accustomed own, seriously prone to still these light, quite unsightly whispers
bristling to dangerously bruise amidst
A simplistic, albeit no less extraordinary for it twist
And shapely silhouette turns suddenly earned on a purposely proposed knife-edge pledge
This is the stuff of folklore legend distilling itself within
Ten-thousand hours of unmitigated training
Inside of these crumple-toed, sincerely silenced wings of only so very much as treasured to fail to fail outright Ours
To take to thrill – to fair quixotically spill to spook
‘Till each and every next concentrated stretch seals a deal of a memory-lambasted lifetime
Keeping shark-eyed sketch…
Go right ahead of your interrupting self…
dine aside unpermittedly multi-task to wine atop it all if you oh so goddamn cumbersomely must – ignorance ain’t too much a blissful existence anymore, so you do sit in fear
A d o r e
… because we should so should You