They were doing things which no one else wished nor wanted themselves to ably achieve; even being – above it all, indeed, and setting mildness of fire to their

Second handed souls(!) SEEMS we were “breaking our mediocre-brains to make aforesaid SECONDARY-sense of everything else that needed THIS particular thing,” and they did this simultaneoUSly suggestive thing, where=IN(..)

EverybodyElse’s mind DOES matter the most. “a two tonne toast, perhaps, to the one and only SupremelyLonelyOl’Soul, of clandestine and DESTINED-awareness.” Yes; they weren’t happy and we were certainly not prepared to make —-) )

Mountains becomeMolehillsAgain/ silently speaking.. then, “Yes(!) we did tweak the PEAK of the differEnCe between -/

We and they and she and he and.. it’s all been..” an aWrY SoRt oF seriously Sophisticated intellect happening here, there, and

Anywhere, really(???!)” That spare part of their Brain, that screams to a standstill… WAIL.