They’ve reminded themselves of a thousand thoughts per time- per mile of minute. Per.. agonised hour. How did they very nearly Never-Survive?! But because, and this is the WHOLEWIDE TRUTHOFIT(..)

They walked with their mIndS set UPon WiLdly strong(and w-r-o-n-gWAYROUND) fire// amidst magnificently managing to —

Be brave beyond a shadow of their InnerDEMON’S doubts, even when they really ALL ought-to have Burned Themselves At The Stake…

Fucksake, How can we not implore Them: to GO(!!) someMORE.. even if, and aforementioned w-h-e-n

This tangled UP pen feels like NOTHING ELSE BUT FOR.. … putrid POISON.. it IS their undeniable AND whip-smart a-m-m-u-n-i-t-i-o-n

God-fearing MindPRISON: be dAmnEd tO UTteRlY eternity

No longer a neatness of breath wasted on Your Agonised T-h-r-e-a-t
How it felt IS being dealt with—

One. Step.