Always, always a-brewing, she could not settle herself, however hard she might like to try
Worked hard, putting dinner on the table, but as soon as she entered through that door she just knew that everything was going to go ferociously awry
Didn’t seem to matter what she said, he coaxing her in with unsavoury words, before too long that dread would be met, a monster of a man beating her upside the head
Time again, treating her unjustly, as though she were a punch bag, his own personal plaything
Blood poured, past meets like this having already left stained memories upon the kitchen floor
Nonetheless, his chronic anger, misbehaviour, meant only one thing, that he’d no doubt be coming back for more
She cried for hours, before picking herself up, couldn’t inform anyone, least of all her beloved son, off at college now, she prayed he wouldn’t turn out like his father, and that if he ever had a daughter of his own she wouldn’t have to endure an experience equal to her grandmother’s kind of slaughter